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Low Neck Pain Pattern

How to deal with this nagging pain.


We have all felt that pain that aches like a toothache but sits just below the neck in the upper back in between the spine and our shoulder blade. It’s a nagging pain that everyone wants to push on. And while digging a tennis ball into it or having your best friend dig their elbow into it helps a little, I would like to show you how to assess and better treat this common problem.

The achy pain you are experiencing likely originates from the lower vertebra and the exiting nerve root. If the pain increases when you look up and rotate your head to the side, then your pain is coming from the lower cervical spine.

Click here to watch a well done 3D motion video of the spine to understand how it works, or watch Dr. Bobinski’s video below.



When this nagging pain is not from nerve root compression or irritation, it may be a stand-alone trigger point. This means the problem is pain in the muscle itself. Click here to learn about what trigger points are, and also what they aren’t. This website written by a Canadian massage therapist sums up most of what we know about trigger points.

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