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Hello! I’m Dr. Richard Bobinski.

Freedom from Pain, More Flexibility & Strength 

Welcome to BodyDoc and the “Bobinski method” of diagnosing and treating injuries. I have 30 years of educational and clinical experience in Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and athletic training. Additionally, I’ve studied and perfected many soft tissue techniques such as A.R.T., Niel-Asher technique, Rolfing, and Graston technique to become an elite bodyworker.

I have studied human healing on many levels from the energy within us and around us to the deepest genetic processes. Understanding how all these systems link together is necessary when diagnosing and treating injuries.

Enjoy the journey into your body. The more you know, the less you guess. Leave a message at (949) 548-7000, text to (949) 370-8075 for a more immediate response, or click here to schedule an appointment.

What People Are Saying About BodyDoc

I was in so much pain that I was nearly in tears and could barely stand straight or walk down the stairs without shaking. I started searching for a chiropractor and I am so lucky that I found Dr. Bobinski! He has worked wonders on my back & the pain. Plus he cracks me up and gives me plenty of exercises that I can do at home. He also takes the time to tell you what’s wrong, what you can do to keep it in check and make it less likely to happen again. 10/10 recommend

~ Amy Petersen, Newport Beach


What People Are Saying About BodyDoc

Dr. B is a true healer. He pinpoints your issue and finds a solution. It is clear he is passionate about his business and his clients. I would highly recommend his practice for anyone needing the highest quality chiropractic!

What People Are Saying About BodyDoc

Best chiropractor I’ve been to. Listens, assesses, treats. Does not have you come in unnecessarily. He is personable and actually knows what he is doing! There is no BS here. He really treats and heals your problem!! Don’t waste time going to other bogus chiros. Dr. B is the real deal!!!

~ Anonymous, Newport Beach

What People Are Saying About BodyDoc

I have been a fan since Doc B, solved a friend's riddle of tennis elbow that wasn't. In the next 10 years he has done the chiro analysis and then instructed the physical therapist so that I didn't have to come back. That combo has been efficient for me as I live farther away. Best, he doesn't give up, doesn't stop learning and is back at the research for problems that stump him. That's a commitment that I appreciate and have caused me to recommend him to probably 10 people over the years.

What People Are Saying About BodyDoc

I messed up my lower back many years ago and my regular Dr. and even an acupuncturist could not help. Dr. B is the only one who could explain what I had done, what was wrong, and how to heal and prevent it from happening again. Whenever I have an issue from working out, or now that I am older, just life... Dr. B is always able to help... and he's a super nice guy too. I have referred him to many and will continue to do so!