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Structural Abdominal Weakness

This weakness can lead to a score of other problems


The abdominal cavity is the space that houses the intestines along with important organs like the stomach, liver and others. Pressures enter this space when we move, lift and put load into our body. 

Abdominal tears can occur that can lead to problems with digestion and appearance. The four main tears are the esophageal hiatus, the umbilical/linea alba, the inguinal and rectal. The hiatal tears lead to Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disorder (GIRD), the umbilical tear leads to an abdominal bulge (diastasis recti), the inguinal tear leads to an inguinal bulge and the rectal tear leads to hemorrhoids. Knowing how to breath and distribute load during exercise is important to prevent these common injuries to the abdominal cavity.

Lie on the floor face up and do a crunch. If you see a big lump around your belly button or space between your abdominal muscles, you may have a tear. Come in for a visit to learn more about this condition.